Snus is a special form of smokeless tobacco that is neither chewed nor smoked, but simply placed in the mouth, usually carefully placed on one side between the upper lip and gums. Because it is smoke-free, it can be used in non-smoking areas, and people around the user will not suffer any adverse effects.

Snus is used in two main ways: First, snus in bulk: The user must use his fingers to shape the smoke in the loose mouth into a small ball and place it behind the upper lip. Two, the serving mouth contains smoke: This means that the snus has been put into a very small paper/filter, like a small tea bag (about 1X2 cm), and the user then places the bag behind the lips. Bulk snus has a long history, and the products have been essentially the same for more than 200 years.

LEXS has already done some research and development for snus and can provide customers with a variety of snus flavors.