Vaping Essentials: Navigating Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salts for Newcomers

Vaping Essentials: Navigating Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salts for Newcomers

Venturing into vaping can be a complex experience, with numerous elements like coils, e-liquids, shortfills, mods, and more to grasp. A key question that often arises among new vapers, especially those aiming to quit smoking, is how to determine the appropriate nicotine level to quell their cravings. In your quest to understand e-liquids, you might have encountered Freebase Nicotine and nicotine salts.

But how do these two differ, and which is more suitable for your vaping needs? Our team has meticulously compiled this guide to demystify the differences between freebase nicotine and nicotine salts, providing you with essential insights as a vaping newcomer.

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Freebase Nicotine Explained:
Freebase nicotine is the classic form of nicotine used in e-liquids. It is characterized by a potent throat hit, which might feel too intense at very high nicotine concentrations. This form of nicotine is ideal for those who enjoy a stronger sensation or prefer to vape lightly and frequently throughout the day.


Nicotine Salts Unveiled:
Nicotine salts are e-liquids that contain a naturally occurring nicotine variant found in tobacco leaves, with benzoic acid added to achieve a smooth, mild throat hit upon inhalation. These salts are available in a plethora of flavors and offer the purest form of nicotine, mirroring the nicotine content of traditional cigarettes but without the harmful additives.


Understanding the Differences:
Although both freebase nicotine and nicotine salts contain nicotine, the type of nicotine they contain differs significantly. The nicotine in nicotine salts is absorbed more quickly by the body, providing a rapid nicotine hit and effectively curbing cravings. They also offer a smoother vaping experience, reducing the harshness on the throat that is often associated with nicotine shots. This means you can enjoy higher nicotine strengths without the discomfort.

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We hope this article has clarified the distinctions between nicotine shots and nicotine salts and their respective benefits for your vaping setup. If you're looking to stock up on nicotine salts or freebase for your vape, LEXS eliquids is the perfect place to shop.

For newcomers to vaping seeking e-liquid, we recommend starting with a 12mg/ml concentration, which is the second highest available strength, to ensure a satisfying vaping experience. If you find the nicotine level exceeds your needs, you can easily opt for a lower strength. For nicotine salts, beginning with a 20mg strength is advisable, with the flexibility to adjust if necessary.