Dessert Flavor

Dessert Flavor

Product Features

We have different styles of dessert flavor, such as American style, Britain style and Italian style. Our dessert flavor can make you feel like sitting in a dessert store. Suitable for disposable, pod and mod device.


Candy & Snacks

Gummy bear Skkitles Lemon mint gum Rose milk chocolate Mint gum Popcorn
Caramel milk chocolate Peanut butter chocolate Peanut pudding      


Cake & Tart & Pie

Lemon tart Strawberry cheese cake Tiramisu Butter cake Butter custard Banana strawberry pie
Hazelnut cake Grape black forest Ice cream apple pie Hazelnut custard    


Ice cream

Coffee walnut ice cream Chocolate ice cream Yogurt ice cream Blueberry ice cream Nutz ice cream Vanilla ice cream



Mojito mixed jam Strawberry Jam Blueberry Jam Pistachio jam Raspberry Jam