Fruit Flavor

Fruit Flavor

Product Features

LEXS has various types of fruit flavors. It has a soft, fruity, fresh and sour taste. Ideal for disposable, pod and mod device. Our fruit flavors are highly praised by many international famous vape brands.


Pure flavor

Green apple Watermelon Blueberry Lemon Grape Peach
Apple ice Watermelon ice Blueberry ice Lemon ice Grape ice Peach ice
Strawberry Passion fruit Sweet peach Honeydew Guava  
Strawberry Ice Puppy love juicy peach Lychee ice Pineapple Banana ice  


Mixed flavor

Lime raspberry Strawberry kiwi Blueberry raspberry Apple peach Watermelon banana Blueberry raspberry Lemon
Mango passion pineapple Strawberry blueberry raspberry Pineapple juicy peach Tropical fruit Lemon passion fruit Strawberry dragon fruit
Kiwi cactus lime Kiwi passion fruit Aloe grape,Grenadine juice blackcurrant Cherry lemon,Mango pineapple orange Strawberry watermelon apple Watermelon peach pear
Lychee lemon berries Strawberry guava