The Considerate Vaper's Guide to Modern Etiquette

The Considerate Vaper's Guide to Modern Etiquette

Engaging in the act of vaping has become a common and often taken-for-granted activity for many. However, this can result in a disregard for the comfort and preferences of others. Are you looking to brush up on the contemporary norms of vaping conduct? Continue reading for an updated guide provided by LEXS.


DO: Steer Clear of Packed Places

Considering the expansive dispersion of vapor, it can significantly interfere with the ambiance in confined or tight areas. Exhaling your e-cigarette's vapor in public gatherings can be problematic as it tends to linger, potentially in the path of non-vapers and young children present. Consider avoiding vaping in supermarkets, shopping centers, and popular local spots. Keep in mind that vaping is not a universal practice. Thus, exercise caution and be thoughtful before vaping in close quarters.


DON'T: Light Up in Limited Spaces

Similarly, vaping in areas with limited physical dimensions can present its own set of challenges. The issue isn't just the crowd but also the lack of space for the vapor to dissipate. Introducing vaping into such an environment can quickly lead to social friction. To put it succinctly, refrain from vaping in both crowded and compact areas.


DO: Show Deference to Non-Vapers

As previously mentioned, vaping is not universally embraced. Some individuals may be averse to the odor or find it challenging to breathe in the presence of lingering vapor. While it may feel like an everyday activity for you, it may not be for those nearby. Exercise consideration in your vaping choices and, when in doubt, a simple inquiry such as, "Would you mind if I vape here?" is always appreciated.


DON'T: Direct Vapor at Others

Expelling vapor in someone's direction, whether as a prank or inadvertently, is a significant social gaffe and should be avoided at all costs. It's not only disrespectful but could also trigger respiratory distress in individuals with conditions like asthma.


DO: Be Mindful of Others' Well-being

Vaping can be bothersome to some due to respiratory issues or heightened sensitivities to odors. Before you vape, consider whether there's anyone nearby who might be affected by it. If you're not certain that the environment is free of such individuals, it's best to hold off until the air is clear before indulging in your vaping session.